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Amarillo's funky little record store began with a passion for vinyl, a farm house basement full of vinyl and a favorite book/movie. In 2017 approximately 50,000 vinyl records were discovered in the basement of a small farmhouse north of Sunray Texas. After an entire day of moving the boxes and crates upstairs into two large U-Haul trailers and a long night of unloading them into a third floor storage building, the process of sorting through them and stocking a newly aquired antique store booth began. The store name was inspired by the book by Nick Hornby and ultimately the movie by the same name starring John Cusack, the booth/store opened for business. Since its humble beginnings, the store has moved into its own space on Route 66 and become a high vibe destination for music lovers all across the country and even worldwide. With thousands of new and used vinyl records in stock from every genre imaginable, High Fidelity Records is a store where people rarely leave empty handed and definitely with a smile on their face. Even though vinyl records are the number one focus, customers can find everything from CDs and cassettes to posters, stickers, t-shirts and vinyl cleaning/storage accessories.


We are located between Braceros Mexican Bar & Grill and 806 Coffee + Lounge on Route 66 in Amarillo Texas