Record Store Day Pledge signed
Go here to find out about the pledge.

Small shop, big what I do... I find homes for music....Cassettes and Vinyl mostly...No CD's...CD's are a product of the Devil and should be set on fire...unless you're a local band and a CD is the only way you have push thier product ..then I'll sell you a cd...I also sell skateboards, because skateboarding is awesome and so is sll the musicin skateboarding vides and video games.. you know what else is shows...we do that for the record (see what i did there) the shop is half record store and half skateshop....and half vintage clothing too....just kinding ,that would be 3 halfs and that dont make no sense , but there is a curated corner of vintage clothing to somewhat satisfy your needs......and sometimes cactus...just cause, go with it (don't ask so many questions) .....Before opening the shop ,in the first weeks of a pandemic. 2020..I had mobile record store...pretty much a UPS truck gutted out and set up with some shelves and what not...took it to some get places like Joshua Tree area , Desert Daze 2017 ended up having the band Sleep use it as their merch booth there..that was nuts...tons of shows at the Pappy and Harriet's...set up at a Coachella festival camp ground for 3 weekends (stagecoach) ...Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, bars ..and so on and so on...spreading the love of music, before that I worked in independent record store for 21 years..I remember participating in the first Record Store Day and every one It was so much easier back in the beginning...and before that I was in the Air Force and before that a cookie bakery...before that...I did homework and skateboarded


Step 1...Go to your phone... Step the Google app ,not the IPhone maps, that one gets you lost Step 3...type in 73754 hwy 111 suite a, Palm Desert Ca, 92260 Step 4 come buy stuff