Record Store Day Pledge signed
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Fort Worth-based record label owner Wyatt Parkins has been releasing music on vinyl, CD, and digital since 2011 by artists worldwide under the name Saint Marie Records. After 140 releases, a pandemic, and releasing his band’s record, Wyatt decided it was time to fulfill his musical trifecta by opening a record shop. Saint Marie opened on October 26th, offering new and used vinyl records and a record cleaning service. You can find the cozy shop with its diverse selection at 623 N Chandler Dr in Fort Worth between Race Street and Belknap. The store’s hours are 10 AM-9 PM, seven days a week. Wyatt wanted a mid-sized store that didn’t overwhelm you, was warm and inviting, with a highly curated and eclectic selection that had no “Filler.” (Wyatt defines “FIller” as Junk records used for filling the space between the good records that make the store look fuller.) Instead, the store seems part record shop, and part art gallery, with beautiful prints hanging on the wall representing some of Wyatt’s favorite artists and albums. There is a lounge area for sitting back and listening to music on, as Wyatt puts it, “the best sound system Texas has to offer in a record shop.” No expense was spared in setting up this record collector’s haven. Saint Marie called on Frisco’s Divine Audio Visual (DAV) for the store audio system to install 4 Klipsch towers that sound heavenly. DAV is the exclusive Klipsch Heritage dealer in DFW. There is a massive wall of box sets, a collectors section, records divided by genre, and an extensive used record selection. Every used record you buy from Saint Marie has been washed with the “Degritter” sonic record cleaner. “I was tired of seeing overpriced, dirty, and scratched used records being passed off as valuable collector’s items just because they are vintage,” Wyatt said. Saint Marie has a seven-day guarantee on all their used records. If you are unhappy with your used record, just bring it back within seven days with a receipt for store credit. Wyatt says he still needs to complete his vision for the store, as they have much more planned, including twice the inventory. Still, it’s already a place you will want to add to your rotation of record-digging stops.


Right between Race Street and Belknap and around the corner from Race Street Coffee.