DBS Sounds

DBS Sounds

Black Owned
6610 Hwy 85
Riverdale, GA 30274
United States of America

Phone: 770-997-5776
Fax: 1-888-331-7531
Email: dbssounds@hotmail.com

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While times have changed and the “Dirty South” has taken over the radio, television, and every other outlet in the music industry, there remains one constant: DBS Sounds. Tobago Benito founded the company in 1994 and with persistence and a fierce drive to be the best. Millions of record sales later this veteran company has positioned itself as the premier source for retail music. DBS Sounds is strategic in marketing and breaking out new and established artists and provides excellent marketing for record companies and independent labels in the music industry. All the while ensuring its customers the highest quality of service.


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