1417 Laurens Road *new address as of 2/14/13
greenville, SC 29607
United States of America

Phone: 864*232*1623
Fax: 864*232*1602
Email: christopher@earshot.com

Record Store Day Pledge signed
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Earshot is an independent music store in Greenville, SC. We are dedicated to bringing real music to the people! You know, the kind of stuff you can hold in your hand and put in a stereo or send as gift in the mail. The stuff that has artwork and lyrics or pictures... Real CD's, DVD's and Vinyl. We stock rock, pop, country, heavy metal, punk, rap, gospel, blues, reggae, folk, bluegrass, and much more! Our dvd selection is the best in the area with titles in every genre as well as the Criterion Collection, Something Weird and Troma! We also have one of the largest used selections in the southeast. And for you vinyl enthusiasts we have a massive new and used vinyl section with boxes and boxes of rare finds and bargain records. Check out our wall of vinyl for rare gems! 6500+ sq.feet of music, dvds, records and accessories.

We are a proud member of CIMS!