Evolution Records, Tapes and More

Evolution Records, Tapes and More

907 East Fayle St.
Baytown, TX 77520
United States of America

Phone: 281-422-0112
Email: terry@highlyevolving.com

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For over 37 years, Evolution has served as a counter culture mecca for the suburbs of east Houston. We've been here as the tide of popular music has changed from the psychedelic rock of the early 70's into the electronica and extreme metal of the new millennium. We listened through the rise and fall of gangster rap. We've watched vinyl give way to the eight track, which was replaced by the cassette, then the compact disc, only to witness the resurgence of the record come full circle. Meerschaum pipes have given away to triple blown glass and ceramic bongs have been replaced by the glass on glass of ROOR. We've helped usher in the era of the vaporizer. We've been here through the years, proving that although times are changing and that change is inevitable...


one half block off north alexander dr.(business 146)north bound side, call for specifics.