Record Store Day Pledge signed
Go here to find out about the pledge.

The Mystic Disc has been open since 1983, this is our 25th anniversary. We started out as a record store and we still are, we never gave up on vinyl. We have been going to record fairs in the UK, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Barcelona and other great places so we have a network of other used record stores to find cool lp's. We sell new and used lp's. We are next to a coffee shop so kids are hanging around. we have speakers outside and it helps create a great musical atmosphere.


From 95 going north take exit 89 (Allyn St) and take a right. Continue on Allyn St. for approx 1 mile, there will be a 4 way stop sign, go straight until the stop light (approx 50 yards). Take a left at the Stop light go down the hill and right after Mystic Pizza, yes The Mystic Pizza, take a right on Water Street also route 215, go 1/10 of a mile and on the left there is an entrance to a parking lot. Go to the bottom of the parking on the red brick walkway and there we are. If you come from the north on 95 south when you get of exit 89 take a left back over the highway and follow the directions above.