White Noise Records [Records Store, Label and Distributor] White Noise Records was opened in April 2004 by three passionate music lovers. We quickly followed opening the record store with event promotions for Hong Kong’s burgeoning music scene. We have a long track record of inviting a number of well-known international artists to perform in Hong Kong. The three owners eventually landed on the name “White Noise” after each found they were all fans of an obscure 60’s UK band of the same name, and although each owner had his and her own particular and unique taste in music, each ardently respect the band. Aside from the hipper-than-thou reference to obscurity, White Noise signals the sounds of 60’s psychedelic rock, and the sounds that inspired the American noise guitar bands of the 80’s such as Sonic Youth, Swans, and Big Black, which represent the grittiest, roughest voice of the underground music scene. email. whitenoiserecordshk@gmail.com
Directions:WHITE NOISE RECORDS 1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon Hong Kong