Record Store Day Pledge signed
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The Record Lounge is one of a handful of woman owned record shops in the country and proud of it! Since 2008 we have been a vinyl only shop carrying both new and used titles. The shop is newly located in the very cool up and coming ( I hate that term) neighborhood called Reo Town just south of downtown Lansing ( we are inside The Reo Town Marketplace). Other than vinyl we also carry cassettes, local music, magazines, some t-shirts, awesome vintage stereo equipment that has all been professionally refurbished as well as other goodies. The shop has been open 13 years and will keep on keepin on for many more to come, all of us here at the shop love what we do and strive to give you all great service, if we dont have a title ask and we will special order.
Directions:The Record Lounge is located at 1027 S. Washington Ave. just south of the Capital and downtown Lansing ( inside the Reo Town Marketplace). We are an easy access just off of the 96 freeway as well as between Cedar st. and the Reo Town business district.