Kief's Music

Kief's Music

2429 Iowa Street
Lawrence, KS 66046
United States of America

Phone: 785 865 4337
Fax: 784 842 0501

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Since 1959 Kief's Music has served Lawrence music lovers. Our expertly crafted selection of new and used music on disc and vinyl is legendary. Kief's also rocks the Midwest with home audio, home video, custom home theater design and installation. We are accustomed to being the best at what we do.
Directions:Kief's Audio/Video (also dba Kief's Music), at 2429 Iowa, is accessed from the west exit of the turnpike on I-70, and from Kansas highway 10, and US-59 highway.,0,8652205799460944215&fb=1&hq=kief%27s+audio&hnear=0x87bf40c7ce479883:0x151713d50478ab2e,Lawrence,+KS&gl=us&daddr=2429+Iowa+Street,+Lawrence,+KS+66046&geocode=0,38.939997,-95.261809