Record Store Day Pledge signed
Go here to find out about the pledge.

We are a brick and mortar store owned and operated by two biological sisters. We carry NEW and USED CDs & Vinyl (~ 40/60). We have more Vinyl in our backroom than most stores. We also sell and repair record players and carry products associated with the care of vinyl...We Understand Your Vinyl Needs...Ok, addiction! We are strong supporters of local bands selling their CDs/Vinyl recordings and T-shirts. We also spend a great deal of time promoting their shows. We also help coordinate and plan 2 music festivals a year in order to help showcase local and regional talent.
Directions:We are located in an area of Manhattan, Kansas called AGGIEVILLE. It is directly across the street from Kansas State University(It was once mainly an Agricultural school, hence the name Aggieville). We are located in a back alley jammed between a bar and a shoe store. Ahhh...the smell of glue and puke!