Crazy Dee’s Biography Crazy Dee first burst on the scene in 1990 when he, as a freshman at Cleveland State, played the Ice Breaker hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. After this introduction, to the College Party Scene, Crazy Dee never looked back. He Disc Jockeyed parties for the Kappas, Omegas and the Deltas. He threw many hall parties during the 90's. Once his popularity began to grow he began producing Remix Tapes. His style was to cut & scratch records and add a follow track underneath the main song. This technique changed the beat construction of the songs he mixed, and this style would cause the songs to become more funky. In 1994 Crazy Dee Produced his first Cleveland Artist driven disc. It is called JusDaLil'SumThin' and it features various MC's from the Cleveland area. In 1995 Crazy Dee followed up his 1994 release with his first Remix CD entitled The Greatest Mix CD. It features Crazy Dee's unique style of remixing popular songs. In 1996 Crazy Dee created the new moniker "Lord Dee" for his next CD entitled Cleveland Is My Saith The Lord. This began the expansion of Crazy Dee's idea to (as he did with his multitude of mix tapes and with his 1994 release) incorporate the Black Female Body Form in his artwork. The cover depicts the struggles of African-American people in North America, and the Black Female Angel depicts the beliefs and the strength of faith. In 1997 Crazy Dee opened his first location. He named it after himself. Crazy Dee's Muzic Palace. He opened to good business (“hometown done good” was the feeling from his customers). In 1997 Crazy Dee dropped the first double mix CD entitled Lord Dee - The Gospel According To Cleveland. The CDs incorporated every song that influenced Cleveland Hip-Hop since the early 80's. It also promoted the opening of Crazy Dee's store. Crazy Dee took time off from producing CDs to work his store to make it the most popular store in the Cleveland Market. His hard work paid off. In 1999 Crazy Dee's store was featured in the November issue of the Source Magazine. When the Source came to Cleveland Crazy Dee was ready. He was co-hosting a college radio show called R.A.C.E. Chronicles, he had TV Commercials running advertising his location, his work to make his store a beautiful experience for his customer base was a success, he had just completed two rap CDs earlier that year, and he had engineered, mixed down and released a Remix CD for a up and coming DJ. When the Source reporter came he received not only the CDs but bios on the artists involved with the projects. The reporter and the photographer were so impressed with the professionalism-- Crazy Dee's store, though not the only one mentioned, was the only store pictured along with the group of artists Crazy Dee produced. In the year of 1999 Crazy Dee released Bounce Dat A$$ by DJ Skilz (it is to date the best selling Remix CD from Cleveland), Complete Conversation (which featured the top hardcore rappers in Cleveland) and Shone Styles - 131 Below (a solo disc from a rapper Crazy Dee had worked with for a few years). After the appearance in the Source many independent artists from outside of Cleveland contacted Crazy Dee. Crazy Dee began to carry various New York independents as well as California and Southern artists. Expanding his catalog of independents took much of Crazy Dee's time. In 2002 Crazy Dee expanded upon his interests of promoting the African Female Beauty Standard by producing the first ever all Cleveland Female Calendar. It is called The Image Factor 2003 Calendar. In 2003 Crazy Produced, Directed and Videotaped the first Cleveland DVD Calendar, Crazy Dee called it The Cleveland Image 2004 DVD Calendar. In 2003 Crazy Dee opened his second location in Maple Heights, Ohio. Crazy Dee’s Maple Music & More... (now closed) was located in Maple Heights a suburb of Cleveland which is a racially mixed community. In 2004 Crazy Dee dropped The 2005 Lordland Complimentary Calendar which features The Lordland Models in 12 beautiful months. He also released the new DVD entitled Model Stretch Techniques. In 2005 Crazy Dee released Music For The Party. A Double CD which is the Mix Sound Track To Crazy Dee’s BLKICE Movie. In August of 2006, Crazy Dee released Crazy Dee’s BLKICE Movie. The DVD is available at Crazy Dee's Store and In 2007 Crazy Dee released Crazy Dee's T.R.U.E. TECHNIQUE DVD. The DVD features 20 models in artistic poses. Produced by Crazy Dee, it is his best work to date! In mid 2007 Crazy Dee created "You Too Can Be A Star Showcase" which blossomed into Crazy Dee's Webshow. In January 2008 Crazy Dee released Crazy Dee’s T.R.U.E. Tech Global X DVD, which is his 6th DVD! In 2008 Crazy Dee created Crazy Dee's Webshow Radio. The talk show deals with various topics important to the African-American Community. In 2009 Crazy Dee announced the return of You Too Can Be A Star Showcase. Since its first incarnation the show has blossomed into an online event. Artists are able to register, are videotaped to be displayed on Crazy Dee’s Web Channel, and artists are submitted for consideration for a new movie being casted this summer in Cleveland! What makes The You Too Can Be A Star Showcase different from other similar events is 10% of the proceeds go towards Cancer research in honor of Crazy Dee’s mother who passed of cancer on November 25, 2007. Crazy Dee’s Digital Music Store "FUTURE CRAZY DEE DOWNLOADS" "Crazy Dee is bringing technology to the hood!" is what one of Crazy Dee's customers stated about Crazy Dee's new Digital Music Store. That's right Crazy Dee has brought the newest music download technology to his Warrensville Heights Record Store location. Customers complained about CD’s having only 4 to 5 good songs, and Crazy Dee heard their complaints and has installed his new music downloading system. His customers no longer need worry about buying a full CD and only hearing 4 to 5 good songs. Now his customers can choose their favorite songs from their favorite artist(s), arrange the songs in the order they want to hear the songs, and, in five minutes, walk out of Crazy Dee’s Music Palace (located at 20003 Harvard Ave.) with a high quality Mix CD with their top 15 to 20 picks. The new Crazy Dee’s Digital Music Store allows the customer to create a custom CD with the songs the customer wants! Crazy Dee has continued to find new ways to serve his community, and when the new technology of downloading top quality digital recordings presented itself to Crazy Dee, he jumped at the opportunity to provide the Cleveland Area with the newest technology. Crazy Dee’s Muzic Palace is the first urban music store to have the downloading capability in the Cleveland Market! No longer will customers need to download poor quality recordings, nor will they have to rely on poorly recorded bootleg CD's to hear new music. Customers are able to download the newest of music as well as classic old school for only 99 cent a song! Crazy Dee's Digital Music Database includes Jazz, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Christian & Gospel, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock & Metal, Country, Alternative Rock, Classical, Children's Music, House/ Dance & DJ, Folk, International, Latin Music, New Age, Opera & Vocals, Broadway & Vocalists, Pop and Movie Soundtracks. Crazy Dee utilizes the Digital Music Store in the fight against Cancer. Every time a customer creates a mix of 10 to 20 songs on the kiosk, Crazy Dee gives 10 cents to Cancer Research in honor of his mother who passed of cancer on November 25th, 2007. Crazy Dee’s Muzic Palace located at 20003 Harvard Ave., Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44122, across the street from South Pointe Hospital, in the Friendly City of Warrensville Heights. Crazy Dee's has been in existence for 12 years. Crazy Dee has worked with local, regional and national artist to promote the sales of their music; he has held voter registration drives to promote the vote, and he has worked tirelessly to provide the Cleveland area with great music and great community service! Link to ‘Crazy Dee Fights Cancer’ clip in honor of his mother Gloria:
Directions:From New York: Distance: 450.03 mi Time: 7 hrs 23 mins * Starting in NEW YORK, NY on CHAMBERS ST go toward CHURCH ST - go 0.10.2 mikm * Bear Right on HUDSON ST - go 0.60.9 mikm * Bear Right on HOLLAND TUNL - go 1.93.1 mikm * Continue on 14TH ST - go 0.30.5 mikm * Bear Left on RT-139 W toward PULASKI SKYWAY (US-1-9)/I-280/KENNEDY BLVD/JERSEY CITY - go 1.21.9 mikm * Continue on US-1-9 S - go < 0.1< 0.1 mikm * Take the JERSEY CITY (I-280)/KEARNY exit onto US-1 & 9-TRUCK(US-1-9-TRUCK) - go 0.50.8 mikm * Continue on RT-7 W - go 0.20.2 mikm * Continue on RT-7 - go 1.21.9 mikm * Bear Left on NEWARK-JERSEY CITY TPKE(CR-508 W) toward NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (I-280)/HARRISON/NEWARK - go 1.32.1 mikm * Take ramp onto I-280 W - go 16.726.8 mikm * Take the DEL WATER GAP (I-280 W) Left exit onto I-80 EXPRESS LN W - go 2.23.6 mikm * Continue on I-80 W (Portions toll) - go 373.1600.4 mikm * Take the CLEVELAND exit onto I-80 W toward CLEVELAND (Toll applies) - go 31.951.4 mikm * Take exit #187/CLEVELAND/STREETSBORO onto I-480 W (Toll applies) - go 10.917.5 mikm * Take the I-480 W/I-271 N/OH-14 W exit onto I-271 N - go 3.65.7 mikm * Take Right fork onto I-480 W toward AIRPORT/ROCKSIDE RD/CLEVELAND - go 1.62.5 mikm * Take exit #25C/NORTHFIELD RD (OH-8) onto AURORA RD(OH-43 N) - go 0.60.9 mikm * Turn Right on NORTHFIELD RD - go 2.03.1 mikm * Turn Left on HARVARD AVE - go 0.30.5 mikm * Arrive at 20003 HARVARD AVE, WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, on the Right ------------------------------- From Atlanta: Distance: 711.60 mi Time: 11 hrs 4 mins * Starting in ATLANTA, GA on TRINITY AVE SW go toward CENTRAL AVE SW * Turn Right on CENTRAL AVE SW - go < 0.10.1 mikm * Turn Right on MITCHELL ST SW - go < 0.10.1 mikm * Continue on CAPITOL SQ SW - go 0.10.2 mikm * Turn Left on CAPITOL AVE SE - go < 0.10.1 mikm * Bear Right on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DR SE - go 0.20.3 mikm * Bear Left to take ramp onto I-75 N toward I-85 N - go 193.5311.3 mikm * Merge onto I-40 E - go 16.526.5 mikm * Take exit #385/LEXINGTON onto I-75 N - go 3.65.8 mikm * Take exit #3/KNOXVILLE/LEXINGTON onto I-75 N toward LEXINGTON - go 172.4277.5 mikm * Take the GEORGETOWN/CINCINNATI exit onto I-75 N - go 74.6120.1 mikm * Take Right fork onto I-71 N toward US 52 EAST/COLUMBUS/US-50 E - go 106.0170.5 mikm * Take the CLEVELAND/WHEELING exit onto I-70 E - go 1.82.9 mikm * Take Left exit #101A/CLEVELAND onto I-71 N - go 112.9181.6 mikm * Take exit #220/ERIE PA onto I-271 N - go 25.541.0 mikm * Take Right fork onto I-480 W toward AIRPORT/ROCKSIDE RD/CLEVELAND - go 1.62.5 mikm * Take exit #25C/NORTHFIELD RD (OH-8) onto AURORA RD(OH-43 N) - go 0.60.9 mikm * Turn Right on NORTHFIELD RD - go 2.03.1 mikm * Turn Left on HARVARD AVE - go 0.30.5 mikm * Arrive at 20003 HARVARD AVE, WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, on the Right -------------------------------- From LA: Distance: 2357.08 mi Time: 34 hrs 23 mins * Starting in LOS ANGELES, CA on W 1ST ST go toward S SPRING ST - go 0.10.2 mikm * Turn Left on N MAIN ST - go 0.30.4 mikm * Turn Right on ALISO ST - go < 0.10.1 mikm * Take Left ramp onto US-101 S toward I-10 E/I-5 S - go 0.81.3 mikm * Take Left fork onto I-10 E toward SAN BERNARDINO - go 40.164.5 mikm * Take the BARSTOW/LAS VEGAS exit onto I-15 N - go 14.122.8 mikm * Take the BARSTOW Left exit onto I-15 N - go 457.3735.9 mikm * Take exit #132/RICHFIELD/DENVER onto I-70 E - go 502.6808.8 mikm * Take Left fork onto I-76 E toward FT MORGAN - go 184.4296.8 mikm * Continue on I-76 N - go 3.35.3 mikm * Merge onto I-80 E - go 474.6763.8 mikm * Take exit #123B/CHICAGO/MINNEAPOLIS/KANSAS CITY onto I-35 N toward CHICAGO/I-80 E/MINNEAPOLIS - go 15.124.3 mikm * Continue on I-80 E - go 151.8244.3 mikm * Take exit #290/ROCK ISLAND/MOLINE onto I-280 E - go 18.029.0 mikm * Continue on I-74 E - go 9.415.1 mikm * Continue on I-80 E (Portions toll) - go 168.7271.4 mikm * Take exit #16/TOLL ROAD onto I-80 E toward OHIO (Toll applies) - go 288.2463.7 mikm * Take exit #151/CLEVELAND onto I-480 E (Toll applies) - go 25.741.3 mikm * Take exit #25ABC/NORTHFIELD RD/WARRENSVILLE RD onto WARRENSVILLE CENTER RD toward #25BC/#25B/WARRENSVILLE RD NORTH/WARRENSVILLE HTS - go 2.43.9 mikm * Turn Left on HARVARD AVE - go 0.10.2 mikm * Arrive at 20003 HARVARD AVE, WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, on the Right Link To Directions On Mapquest: