About Mojo Music Nev Sergent had twenty years in the record business when he set up Mojo Music. Why Mojo Music? Nev says "Most record shops are like McDonalds, they're everywhere, they all sell the same stuff and if it ain't on the menu then you're out of luck. I wanted the kind of place that had the real goodies the stuff that's not on every street corner. The kind of place I'd like to shop if I was looking for something special. Mojo's for people who love the music that's not in the top ten." As the genial guru Lee Taylor puts it , "You walk into Mojo and you hear music. A hundred times a week I see customer's heads turn, then they smile. Magic. Next thing they're buying their own copy. Mojo is where you come when you want to make your musical world a little bigger and a little hipper. I don't want to sound pretentious but in a very real sense, Mojo provides a musicological and cultural service." Mojo stocks the classic music genres - jazz, blues, soul, classic rock, vintage australian, psychedelia, rockabilly, progressive, cajun-zydeco, reggae etc. You want roots and cult music? Mojo have it in spades. Mojo want their clients to have the best possible version of any album currently available. If you can't find it anywhere else, then it's down at Mojo, waiting for you - and the price is right.