We are 30 years old this year.and one of australia,s oldest most well known record stores.heck we are now even the LONELY PLANET GUIDE , and had a couple of small documentries made on us..we are the home of where shock records and au go go both sprung from..we started at the hight of punk and became reknown for punk and independant records and imports of all sorts..blues free jazz rockabilly etc..plus champions of many of the old gurad..dylan, neil y..beatles..etc etc..over the years wever had instores and visits from loads of acts..pearl jam..henry rolling,sonic youth,beastie boys,alex chilton,rem,primal scream,radiohead, beck..all the various member s of nick caves bad seedms..and most australian bands,.shit its a struggle these days but somehow we seem to survibe each year..whats a city without a cool record store?? sweet f.a.


just up the street from prahran station..which isw 4 stops from the heart of the city