Georgetown Records was founded as an independent neighborhood record store as well as a community based music resource. Besides selling records we host art and film exhibitions, live music, and DJ events. Our selection ranges from Reggae to Country, Caterina Valente to The Kinks, sunnO))) to Pentangle, Calypso to No Wave, along with Punk, Post-Punk and 60's garage & psych from places as diverse as Cambodia, Turkey, Korea, France and Peru as well as the US and UK.
Directions:Located on the corner of S. Vale St. and Airport Way in the historic Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. From I-5 take the Michigan/Corson offramp. Take a left on Michigan and follow it to Bailey St. Take a left off Bailey onto 12th Ave. S. or go until you get to Airport Way and take a left, the store is one block north. From Highway 99 (Aurora Ave) take the Lucile exit (left turn only) and follow it to Airport Way, then take a right and drive about 5 blocks until you see our sign or S. Vale St. From downtown I suggest taking 2nd or 5th Ave. to Airport Way and following Airport Way for about 3 miles to Georgetown. Call us at 206 762 5638 if you are lost!