Record Store Day Pledge signed
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Hello from Hymie’s Records! We’re glad you found our website and we hope you’ll visit us sometime in the future. There’s nothing in the world like an old fashioned record shop, where you can browse tens of thousands of albums and take those that catch your eye to a listening station to find out if they sound as good as they look. In 2010 we relocated Hymie’s Records five blocks east to a bigger, better location after almost twenty-five years in the building where Jim “Hymie” Peterson first opened the business. One customer estimated we moved 75 tons! One thing that wasn’t left behind was the modest goal Hymie always had for his shop: “I’m not interested in making a lot of money,” he is remembered saying. “I’m interested in having a good store, a store people like coming to.” If music is your muse you won’t be disappointed when you visit our record shop, which has been described by City Pages as “the best pop culture museum in the state” and by Rolling Stone as “a classic, overstuffed mom-and-pop used-vinyl haven.” There’s plenty of room and places to sit, and the records are categorized for comfortable digging. Even our stock of thousands of 45s are easy to thumb through – where else are you going to find that? We have three listening stations where you can play any record in the shop and a reasonable return policy if you’re disappointed by your finds, so there’s no worries. After all, it’s supposed to be fun! For us, a good day isn’t measured by how much money we make in sales, its in the number of regulars we see and the number of new customers who visit and say, “Wow, what a great shop you have here!” - Laura and Dave Hoenack


3820 East Lake Street / Minneapolis MN From Hwy 55 or 35W take Lake Street East. Our shop is on the north side of East Lake next to the Blue Moon Coffee Cafe.