For those of you who don't know, Dr. Disc is a local Windsor music store. We buy and sell new and used CD's, Vinyl, DVDs, Band Shirts, and Posters. So, what the heck makes us so great? The huge selection of used CDs? A vinyl selection that’s satisfies both current and classic rock tastes? The fact that we get new releases twice a week? The in-store performances that we host? Our knowledgable staff that understands the importance of getting that CD you desperately want (and the fact that they’re all terribly good-looking, too)? Ok, maybe it’s “all of the above”. Whatever the case, we think you’ll have a great time popping in and browsing around. Our prices are more than competative, because we know there’s nothing more frustrating than going to a “mall store” and getting over-charged due to some big corporate-mandated demographically-driven initiative spearheaded by clueless suits. Ok, I said it.