Mighty Music Machine is one of Melbourne's Leading Independent Music stores. Famous for its huge range of Soul/R&B, Dance, Jazz and World Music, Mighty Music Machine has always been able to source new music before it has been widely available to most stores. We have been in the business for over 20 years and are renowned for giving specialist advice to match every customer's tastes. Established in 1976, Mighty Music Machine quickly gained a reputation as the only importer of Dance and Soul music in Melbourne at a time when Australia was a music backwater. Customers would line up once a week for our import shipments to come in, so they could play the latest tunes months before they became widely available. Famous local and overseas artists regularly shopped at the store and it became a real icon for Melbourne. In the early days Mighty Music Machine had a grungy second hand feel, but as Chapel Street evolved, the shop moved with the times. Mighty Music Machine has won many awards including an Aria award for best music store, recognized by the music industry, and a Shades of Black award for best Soul/R&B store in Australia. Our range of Music reflects the taste of our staff and our customers who want quality music that they donít want to throw away or delete after one listen, albums that can be listened to for a lifetime. We will continue to search the globe for music that will give pleasure to all our loyal customers for years to come, music that really matters.
Directions:http://www.mightymusicmachine.com.au/contact Near Toorak Road end of Auburn Road