Monka Magic

Monka Magic

Kemang Raya st, No. 8B
Jakarta 12730

Phone: +6285782087947


Welcome to Monka Magic Vinyl, the first vinyl store revival and online shop in Indonesia! We would like to invite you to take part in appreciating as well as to conserve the originality and authenticity of the works of musicians yesterday, today and the future! In this era of unstoppable development of technology, the threats of piracy, plagiarism and other copyright infringements have become inevitable. It is extremely important that we sustain the value of “real” passionate musicians and support them through our hobbies of buying and collecting CDs, obtaining digital downloads on iTunes,, etc…or perhaps hunting for Vinyl of old and new music — whichever you prefer. (By the way, those who really love music won’t be able to deny that Vinyl have underlying qualities that no other musical format can beat!) Thus, based on those things mentioned, we both decided to create this online vinyl shop to fulfill your passion of hunting out for vinyl at times you don’t have the time to visit the flea market and purchase your hundred sets of vinyl. For now, besides selling vinyl we are also selling other products such as artworks, bags, shoes, t-shirts, accessories, designed by independent clothing designers and artists. However, due to certain limitations imposed by the system, we can only take orders and ship within the Indonesian region. We hope to expand into something bigger in the future and therefore able to cater orders from the international world. With your support, we believe that with your support we could achieve that mission of increasing the appreciation towards musicians and their musicality; the artists and their artworks, as well as their passions. Let’s not forget that good music and art are some of the reasons why our lives are never dull.


Conserving and sustaining the value of originality and passion owned by "real" musicians and "real" artists in this era of tech domination