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Scotti's Record Shop

Scotti's Record Shop

351 Springfield Ave
Summit, NJ 07901
United States of America

Phone: 908-277-3893

Record Store Day Pledge signed
Go here to find out about the pledge.

RSD Black Friday 11/28 OPEN 9 AM-5pm We will be using the same protocols and procedures as we have for all 3 RSD drops although we will be taking extra precautions due to the covid spike. Hoping for good weather but we figure out safe plans in case of bad weather. Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving 1. Masks and social distancing are REQUIRED while on line and in store. For those in line, please observe six feet of distance between yourself and others. 2. Our back room will be the designated area for all RSD product: here, there will be a maximum limit of three shoppers at a time and a browsing time limit of 15 minutes per shopper. In the front, main area of our store, we will limit the amount of customers to 10. 3. To promote a safer shopping experience, we will momentarily halt all business every 45 minutes to clean and disinfect the store. All doors will be open and fans will be running to promote better airflow within the store as well. All staff has been properly trained to comply with proper Covid-19 related hygiene and safety measures. 4. Once the line is done, we will begin accepting orders for RSD product over the phone. We will also be giving live updates on the line and estimated wait times on our Instagram page. 5. We will be open from 9 AM-5 PM and the line will start at our back entrance. With these measures in place, we expect to have a safe and successful RSD this Saturday. We hope to see you then! An ORIGINAL Record Store Day Location! since 2008, Come shop our organized set up, Touch, Feel and browse our extensive RSD product. We order ALL Record Store Day Releases in quantity. WE Buy Direct from most labels! We Offer hands on display of all RSD product. Touch, feel and see your product! We Do NOT sell early admittance passes! First Come, First Serve. As always, Fast, Fair & Efficient Service. Plus wide selection of Headphones, Posters, Books, New and Used CDs, DVDs, Equipment and more. Come celebrate MUSIC with Us! Enjoy, Listen and Shop.

Just off route 24 near Short Hills Mall take Summit Ave Exit 8 go 1 mile to Springfield Ave turn right 3 doors down on right side