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Rel. Date: 07/17/2021
UPC: 711574915811NC

Raleighwood [NC Solicitation]
Artist: The Backsliders



More Info:

This early purchase opportunity is made to ensure that North Carolina stores get their desired quantities (within reason). The deadline to order here directly from RSD is FRIDAY APRIL 23rd AT 10 AM EDT.  

*Your credit card will be charged now, and these will be shipped to you directly from Record Store Day, with the two streeting on 6/12 shipping separately from those on 7/17. 

*You must buy a minimum of 8 pieces total (a combination of titles is fine, but 8 pieces total). 

*You must purchase at least one copy of each title. THE IDEAL ORDER IS MULTIPLE SETS OF EACH TITLE. 

If you don't purchase at least one copy of each title, or a minimum of 8, we will not be able to complete your order.