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DISCLAIMER: There are a lot of independent stores that participate in Record Store Day. Not all of them will choose to participate in all promotions, or carry all releases. Just because a store is listed here does NOT mean it will have the goodie or record you're looking for. That said, find a store near you and check with them directly. It's always a good idea to be BFFs with your neighborhood record store.
Disclaimer: Per vari motivi, alcuni negozi che partecipano al Record Store Day potrebbero non avere tutti i titoli annunciati in occasione della giornata. Ti suggeriamo di trovare un negozio e controllare direttamente con loro. ╚ sempre una buona idea, avere amico un negozio di dischi della tua cittÓ.

Stores in NY

P: RSD Pledge signed store. Click Here for more info.