RSD Logos - Current

The logos below are for use as a promotion of the RSD Drops dates/release dates. Please do not use these logos as product hype stickers. 
These logos are meant mainly for social media use-- any printed use (posters, flyers, advertising, etc.) will need to have the layout approved by RSD in advance. 

If you have any questions, please email 


Click on the following links to download print-quality images:

RSD Drops Logos

*For all posts about the general idea of RSD Drops dates, or the List, please use the graphic with all dates included. 
*For all posts about individual titles, or a single Drops date, please use the graphic with that single date on it. 

RSD Drops - Summer 2021
jpg pdf 

RSD Drops - July 2021
jpg pdf

Record Store Day Ambassador 2021: Fred Armisen

This seal image may only be used for social media and websites, and can only be used when you're talking about the Ambassadors.  It can not be printed, used on any posters or other items and is not intended to replace the RSD 2020 logo in any way. 

Record Store Day Ambassadors 2021: Fred Armisen


RSD 2021 Countdown Widget

To use the Countdown Widget copy and paste the following code onto your website:

<iframe class="no-rv-wrap" frameborder="0" height="100" src="" width="200"></iframe>